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Usborne Fundraisers Frequently Asked Questions

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Cards for a Cause Fundraiser

A Generous Fundraising Program by Usborne Books & More.

Need a simple fundraiser
for your organization?

Usborne Books & More proudly offers a unique program offering an excellent value for the customer, while still giving organizations...

a 43% return!

Why Usborne's Cards for a Cause Fundraisers?

  • Simplicity - You can start today!
  • Quality - High-quality products for unbeatable prices.
  • Unlimited Potential - achieve any fundraising goal.
  • Personal Service
    An Usborne Books & More Consultant is there to guide you in your fundraising process.
  • Different
    Our program stands out in the fundraising crowd, with a value priced product and wide appeal.

  • Exclusive!
    Cards for a Cause Fundraisers is exclusively available through Usborne Books & More, the direct sales company for quality children's books and more.

Cards for a Cause Fundraiser Product

The Cards for a Cause Fundraising Program offers four boxed sets of 30 beautifully embellished full-sized cards with matching colored envelopes for $30 that’s just a $1 per card!!

(picture may vary from actual product)

All Occassion - Box 1 and Box 2

There are two All Occasion greeting card boxes - get one or both!  Each has an organizer box with dividers, and includes an array of embellished cards to meet most needs from birthdays to new baby and get-well to weddings.  Several blank cards are also included to create your own message.

Thanks & Blanks Box

This box is full of unique handcrafted greeting cards with colored envelopes.  Includes 19 blank cards and 11 Thank-You cards, as well as an organizer box with dividers.

Kid's Card Box:

The Kids Cards contains a wide assortment of cards suitable for adults/kids to send to children. Plus there is a bonus batch of stickers inside every keepsake box (the perfect place to hide treasures).

(picture may vary from actual product)


Profit Margin for a Cards for a Cause Fundraiser

Earn $13* for every box of cards sold.

Sample Group Size: 20 participants

Each person sells 20 boxes:  400 boxes sold = $5,200 raised

Each person sells 15 boxes:  300 boxes sold = $3,900 raised

Each person sells 10 boxes:  200 boxes sold = $2,600 raised

Each person sells 5 boxes:  100 boxes sold = $1,300 raised

*Please be aware that if your organization is not tax exempt, the amount due for taxes will be deducted from the total amount raised.

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"Through the Cards for a Cause Fundraisers program, our school was able to raise over $2,000.  We set a goal for each family in the school to sell 10 boxes, and most of the families met the goal.  We even had one family sell over 20 boxes. 
It was a great fundraiser."

Sally F. - Usborne Books & More Fundraiser Customer

"It was the easiest fundraiser we have done.  Simple choices and fast delivery.  Perfect fundraiser to raise money for our upcoming musical..."

From a High School Fine Arts Dep't Chair - a Cards for a Cause fundraiser customer

This was the best fundraiser we have done in terms of simplicity and money returned.  About a month ago, we had a different fundraiser in the cafeteria and sold over $1000, but were dissapointed to receive less than $100 back for our efforts.  This fundraiser have provided a 43% return and we quickly sold all of our product!"

From a satisfied Usborne Books Cards for a Cause fundraiser customer in South Dakota

"We LOVED our Cards for a Cause Fundraisers event and plan to do it several times a year. We already have earned $350!"

From a happy Cards for a Cause fundraiser organizer in Minnesota

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