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Usborne Books Business Requirements



A Flexible and Family-Friendly

Business Opportunity

without Monthly Minimums!

There are no monthly minimums or books you "have to" buy when you start a business with Usborne Books & More.  Consultants that pursue the School & Library market will have quarterly sales minimums to keep their school/library listings to ensure great service.  And Team Leaders need to have personal sales each quarter to be eligible for their overrides payouts.  But Consultants just doing home parties have no minimums to maintain.

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There really is no "catch"!! :-)

Usborne Books & More offers EXTRA rewards
(in addition to commissions/bonuses)

if you start quickly with Usborne Books & More's
Write Your Own Success Story...

Book 6 parties within first 30 days...

    • You can earn a FULL REFUND on your starter kit
    • And up to $200 in extra books/supplies
    • Plus, an EXTRA $100 CASH!

Promote to Team Leader within first 12 weeks...

    • You will earn an EXTRA $300 in books and $200 CASH!

You might as well earn all the "EXTRAS" that you can,
so set a goal to book at least 6 parties in your first 30 days!!

COMPLETE DETAILS on Write Your Own Success Story awards.

How to Start Selling Usborne Books

Sign up as an Usborne Book Consultant by ordering a starter kit and filling out an Usborne Books & More  Consultant Agreement.

DETAILS on New Consultant kits & monthly specials.

Schedule an Intro Party within 2 weeks to introduce your friends to your new business & Usborne books!

Make a list of who to invite... friends, neighbors, relatives, moms, grandmas, teachers, co-workers, Facebook buddies - everyone you can think of.

Call everyone on your list.

FIRST ask if they can help you get your Usborne Books & More business started by hosting an Usborne book party in your first 30 days.


If they are not able to host a party, then invite them to your party.  Send them a link to your online party to pass along to their friends.

If they are not able to come to your party, then schedule a time where you can show them the quality and value of Usborne books one-on-one.

Training Provided on How to Sell Usborne Books

The Sunshine Team's New Start training program provides step-by-step details on how to get started - giving you the words to say when calling.  Visual training on what to do/say at a party, how to place orders, and more are also available exclusively from the Sunshine Team. 

This training is available 24/7 on the Sunshine Team's training website.  Plus, all the forms/flyers needed to do parties are available to print -- free of charge to Sunshine Team members.


Your "Edge" in Getting Usborne Parties Booked

As a new Usborne Consultant, you can offer DOUBLE merchandise allowance - that's the FREE books! - for any show that is $250 or more in sales with one booking within your first 12 weeks. 

So with an average $400 party and 1 booking, instead of the normal $70 in free books that a show host would earn, you can offer them $140 in free books!

Who wouldn't want to book a party with you with that deal?!  :-)

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And YES, even as an Usborne Consultant, you can collect DOUBLE free books yourself as the show host!

So host TWO parties for yourself in your first 12 weeks

-- one at the beginning to introduce your friends to your business and one at the end to introduce new titles to your friends and past show hosts.

It definitely is worth the effort!

For example...

If you host a show of $500 you will earn:

    • $125 in commission as an Usborne Books Consultant
    • $185 in DOUBLE Free Books as the host of the party
    • +$25 worth at 65% off for the Host Incentive Books
    • +$20 at 75% off for the Previous Booking Award
    • And an additional $125 worth at 1/2 Price

You earn all this for just for ONE $500 party!!

So, if you want to earn LOTS of FREE Books...

And make over $1,500 in commission and bonuses...

Just do 10 more of the same!  ;-)

YES!! Usborne Books & More is a flexible and family-friendly business opportunity without monthly minimums.  And you can earn LOTS of money & free books, too!

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Ready to Start a Business with Usborne Books?

Starter Kits to Sell Usborne Books & Kane Miller Books     Order a Consultant Kit 

To get more information about becoming a Consultant with
Usborne Books & More, please Email Us or call 218-744-2136

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Usborne Books & More is a member of the Direct Selling Association

The Cash Flow Quadrant Explained

and Why a Direct Selling Business is recommended
for creating wealth.  Start at 3 minute mark.
by Robert Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad  

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Starter Kits to Sell Usborne Books & Kane Miller Books

Dream Job - Usborne Books

From Usborne Books at Home Canada

Testimonials from Usborne Consultants in Canada.

What We Provide
As Your Sponsors
and Team Leaders

With any new business venture, one must learn about their product and processes.  We provide field-tested tools and training - expecting new Consultants as their own business owner to read it.

If, however, you cannot find answers to questions on our training website or Consultant Handbook, we welcome you to call/email us for an answer.  And also whenever you need ideas or encouragement - we are here to help!

But remember... we also can't read your mind.  If you need help or have questions - we count on you to contact us.  And if you don't get a response back in 2-3 business days, please call/email us again to ensure receipt.  Thanks.

We encourage people to give the business a "fair try" by doing 6 parties in their first 30 days. We realize that it may not be possible for some - and for others they can or need to do more.

Everyone is responsible for the success of their own Usborne Books & More business and have varying starting goals. As your Team Leaders we are here to guide, support and encourage you in reaching your goals and dreams with Usborne Books & More.

Testimonials from
the Sunshine Team

Thank you so much for all your help with my e-show / Order Pro issue the other day! It's always inspiring when someone you've never met can be so friendly and helpful :-)

Usborne Books Consultant in KY

I found your training website very helpful, thank you.  I am excited about Usborne Books & More and very proud to be apart of the Sunshine Team!

Usborne Book Consultant in OK

Thanks for all your upline support. I've been reading emails daily...

Usborne Book Consultant in SC

All your trainings and...
emails are so informative!  Thanks for doing so much work to
help us succeed... 
glad to be a part of the Sunshine Team.

Usborne Book Consultant in GA

I can't tell you how I appreciate your answers to my questions and continuing support. You have really helped me get off to a good start with your availability.

Usborne Book Consultant in CO

Thanks for the great website on training. I used quite a few ideas and the show was a HUGE hit. Sales will be at about $400.00 BUT the best part of all was that 4 out of 7 total guests booked shows for November and one in December!!!

Usborne Book Consultant in WI

And thanks also for all the startup support... the training website, and knowing you were a phone call or email away when I had questions all helped me have a great incentive period.  I've earned some terrific books, made new friends, and even earned some money.  :) And I'm even on the top 50 list for consultants in January (no. 39)!  Not bad for a newbie who only has time for 1 show per week!

Usborne Book Consultant in OH

I also appreciate the training that is provided on your website.  All of the great training items that are available to a hobbyist like me from the career leaders like you, definitely help ... I want the highest sales possible ...and you are helping me with that!

Usborne Book Consultant in WY

I just got home from doing my best show ever. So far, $578.40 retail with a couple more outside orders to hopefully come in. Plus, I got 3 bookings!!! :)  ...And, I do owe a lot of this to you.  Your [training] website and your toll-free # are wonderful. I also appreciate that you always help me out so promptly with my MANY questions! :)

Usborne Book Consultant in IL

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