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Order one Customer Special with every $40 purchased. Customer Specials are approximately 30-50% OFF!  Customer Special 

Save Money with Combined Volumes

A Combined Volume is a book where Usborne has combined several books from the same series in one volume to save you money.

For example....

The Complete Book of Farmyard Tales has 20 books in one volume. The books individuallly are $5.99 each, which if bought individually would be almost $120!  But the Complete Book of Farmyard Tales combined volume is only $24.99 for the same exact books.  Plus, there is a free read-a-long CD included.  This is our best value with SAVINGS of $95!!

Book of Bible Stories is also a combined volume of all 13 of the Bible Tales. You save almost $30 by getting the combined volume vs. purchasing the titles individually at $5.99 each!! PLUS, there is a free read-a-long audio CD!

The Internet-Linked Science Encyclopedia is a combined volume of 8 different titles. Individually the titles are $9.99 each in paperback. However, the hardcover combined volume is only $39.99 so you are getting the same exact books at a huge discount - half-price!

See the Combined Volumes available with Usborne Books & More.

Save with Usborne's Collections

Usborne Books & More has put together several collections of books to save you money vs. buying them as individual titles. Sometimes these book collections also include Combined-Volumes which saves you even more!

Ex: Internet-Linked Reference Collection is a set of three combined-volumes available individually for $39.99 each.

As a collection The Usborne Internet-Linked Reference Collection is only $99.99.

When purchased as a Collection, you save $20!

However, when you consider that these books are also combined volumes, you are actually saving an additional $100+ vs. buying all these books as separate individual titles!

Save money with Usborne Books & More's Collections.

Host an Usborne Book Party or eShow

One of the best ways to save money on Usborne books is to host an Usborne Books & More party in your home.  With an average size show of $400 retail, you’ll earn $75 in FREE books!

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Host an Usborne Book eShow Online with your Facebook friends to earn Usborne books for free!

Or... become a Consultant to do your own party - earning the free books as the host AND the commission as the Consultant.   See More Details

We Can Help You Find the "Deals"

We like to save money!

Here's a picture of us on our free all-inclusive vacation to Mexico with Usborne Books & More.

But if you take a closer look you’ll notice we saved money even more.... 

Tom is barefoot, the Mexican gentleman is holding Tom’s brand-new tennies, and Becky is holding the three Mexican blankets that we traded them for!! :-)

It really was the Mexican gentleman’s idea...


- but we went along with it as it was worth doing just for the story alone!  Plus, we had fun bartering back and forth and joking with his friends.  We had attracted quite a crowd by the time we completed this "deal". 

Yes, saving money can be FUN. But isn't it nice to know you can save money with Usborne Books & More without having to trade the shoes off your feet!? ;-)

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Email or Call us if you have any questions on how you can save money with Usborne Books.  We would love to help you find the best "deals", too.

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"Just 20 minutes a day reading aloud with young children strengthens relationships, encourages listening and language skills, promotes attention and curiosity, and establishes a strong reading foundation.

These skills are essential for success..."

Children's Reading Foundation 

"One of the best gifts

you can give a child

is a book, especially

an Usborne Book."

Cameron McKinley, 2006-2007 Alabama Teacher of the Year

"...most fascinating,

child appealing books

I have ever seen."

Mary Pride

"Given the choice

between an Usborne book

and another book,

a child will always

select the Usborne!"

Debbie Lerner, '96 Nat'l

Social Studies Teacher of the Year

"Boys prefer reading

nonfiction, such as history

and adventure books."

Based on recent research by psychology professor Judith Kleinfeld - see article


Researchers found

that children... had better language comprehension and cognitive development if their mothers began reading to them at an early age.

Read Complete Article at WebMD

Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD


"In the field of

information books,

Usborne is unbeatable

for their lively

and reliable productions."

The Guardian

Yesterday I brought home a bunch of the new Usborne books... I just had to tell you how impressed I am with the series that includes "Submarines", "Motorcycles", "Race Cars" and "Tanks".  Wow!  I have learned so much!  These titles were so interesting!  I cannot wait to share these books with our students.  They are going to fall in love with them--especially the boys!!!  The diagrams, captions, charts, and other text features are so informative.  These books are superior!!!  Thank you so much for helping us get them for FREE.
From Erin Kelchen, UBAM Consultant
Media Specialist, Iowa

I love Usborne books and so do my kids.  My 2 year old son thinks he is a character in farmyard tales!  In addition to my family loving Usborne books, I use your materials at work all the time.  I'm an audiologist at Cincinnati Children's hospital... We use the first 100 word books daily.  I always recommend the first experiences books to parents so that they can review and prepare their child for upcoming events.  When a child can not hear the perfect visual explanation comes from Usborne books.  

Molly in OH

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