Tom & Becky Dean, Educational Consultants

Write Your Own Success Story!

During your first 12 weeks in business as a Consultant
with Usborne Books & More, you can earn EXTRA incentives.

This is in addition to your commissions, sales bonuses and
overrides that you earn selling Usborne books.

Your Story Begins Here...

      FIRST 30 DAYS – earn the cost of your kit back!

      • Sell $750 net to receive a 1/2 kit price refund
        (about 3-4 avg parties)
      • Sell $1500 net to receive a full kit price refund
        (about 5-7 avg parties)

      FIRST 12 WEEKS – earn books and cash!

      • For each new recruit you sign, receive:
        $25 in free books

      In Addition… 

      • Sell $750 net (3-4 avg shows) = Earn Success Kit 1*

      • Sell $1500 net (5-7 avg parties)
           Plus, sign 1 person = Earn Success Kit 2*

      • Sell $2500 net (9-12 avg parties)
           Plus, sign 2 people = Earn $100 in books
      • Sell $3500 net (12-15 avg parties)
           Plus, sign 2 people = Earn $100 CASH

*Success Kits include books and supplies valued at $50.

The Next Chapter...
Promote to Team Leader...  Earn $100 CASH!

When you promote to Team Leader you earn 11% override on your personal net sales, meaning...

You'll earn 33% MORE on every party that you do!

To begin this Next Chapter of your Success Story...

just follow these 3 steps:

  1. Find a Friend
  2. Fill your Calendar
  3. Find 2 More Friends!

See Complete Details  

As a Team Leader with Usborne Books & More you also earn 11% override on your Central Group net sales.  It makes sense to work to promote as soon as you can!

Express Success
Promote to Team Leader by End of First 12 Weeks

Write your own EXPRESS SUCCESS Story - become a Team Leader with Usborne Books & More within your first 12 weeks and earn...

      • $300 in free books

      • $200 CASH bonus!

A Team Leader Story Continued...  $500 CASH Bonus

Whenever you promote to Team Leader, you'll receive a
$500 CASH Bonus if you maintain your first 3 months:

   • $750 Monthly Personal Net Sales

   • $2,000 Monthly Group Net Sales (includes your personal sales)

   • 5 Success Bound recruits by the end of your third month

Net sales = retail minus your commission. 
Ex: Consultants earn 25% commission on parties. 3-4 avg size parties = $1000 retail sales = $250 in commission = $750 in net sales

Start Today 

Or, to discuss further how a business with Usborne Books & More
might be a fit for you, please Email Us or call 218-744-2136

Printable Write Your Own Success Story goal sheet.

Usborne Books & More Trip - ARUBA 2011

The Top Producers earned a dinner on the beach

with the CEO of Usborne Books & More.

Pictured L-R: Tom & Becky Dean -

Randall White, CEO/President, Kathy & Kyle Long

Opportunities to Earn FREE Vacations

Acapulco - 1996

The first vacation we earned.

Since then we have earned
23 FREE vacations!
Most recent... a trip for 2
to Ireland in July of 2015.

picture of Usborne Books & More trip to Scotland

We earned a trip for 3 -
so Becky's mom joined us.

picture of the Deans in Pompeii on the Usborne Books & More trip to Rome

ROME - 2009

With a side trip to Pompeii!


Mother & daughter "girl time".


Our son loved the "all you can eat" at our all-inclusive resort!


Our youngest son joined us and was in heaven with the cruise's 24-hour free food.